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Everything discussed here can be done with most clients, regardless of their position, but we know just how busy your top communicators are. We also know how important it is to get their messages out clearly to affected constituents. Identify your communication goals. Tell your leaders’ stories. Hone in on your desired outcomes.

Hi! I'm Kate McCaffery

I'm a freelance writer, ghostwriter, journalist and editor working in insurance and financial services. Running my own business since 2009, I specialize in translating business information (finance, regulation and tax law) into accessible English for professional, technical and lay person audiences.

My short commitment services include short biography/profile writing, client-facing articles, press releases, newsletters (dazzle with your heartfelt, seasonal greetings this year), case studies and testimonials.

Longer-commitment services include ghostwriting, educational pieces, thought leadership articles and white papers.

"I love what you’ve turned this paper into, Kate. Thanks for making this very easy for us. Great work!"

Counsellor/Conseiller, Global Affairs Canada


+1 (416) 838-9191

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Niagara, Toronto, Innisfil, Barrie Ontario, Canada

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