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Resources for a career in clean energy

The energy industry is trying hard to transform itself? (SO hard!) To help, it would appear to be coming up with a number of initiatives to serve both would-be job and career seekers interested in working in clean energy.

Highlight: For professionals in business who want to be the future decision makers in clean energy and for those who want to work in that industry.

Note: I’m not earning anything from the suggestion (not a thing) and I know nothing about the program or it quality, except what’s written below.

With Earth Day being a day and half away, I thought I’d share two programs jumped out at me recently: One is a coaching program from career consulting company, Higher Landing. The program is supported by PetroLMI, a division of Energy Safety Canada. Another initiative is sponsored by Iron & Earth, a not-for-profit established in 2016 by oil and gas workers interested in helping the industry, Indigenous workers and communities build and implement climate solutions. One is a career portal, the other a coaching program for executives and professionals interested in moving into clean energy roles.

The Iron & Earth initiative to support workers ready to move into a clean tech career is a climate career portal which includes an interactive tool to help people visualize different career paths. “It will help workers identify the skills they already have to find new jobs and to chart a course for new training to take advantage of jobs in clean energy,” they write. They say clean energy sector jobs grew by 10.5 per cent in 2022 and that clean energy jobs are expected to increase by nearly 50 per cent by 2030. The group says there are 150 net-zero companies represented on the site.

“The jobs page on the climate career portal has more than 200 jobs currently posted under wind and solar solutions, and more than 600 positions across all renewable energy sectors,” they add, saying free one-on-one mentorship sessions are also available. In regularly featured jobs, too, the site provides a breakdown of the skills needed in specific climate solutions industries, including solar, wind, geothermal and energy efficiency.

The Iron & Earth career portal is here, if you’re interested. (Opens in a new window.)

The Higher Landing initiative, meanwhile, is a fully funded new program being delivered in partnership with Careers in Energy – created by the PetroLMI Division of Energy Safety Canada. “The program is fully funded so there are no out-of-pocket costs for successful applicants,” they write in an April announcement about the launch of the program.

The company’s Canadian Clean Energy Shuttle Program (CCES) is intended to help professionals strategically market themselves to decision-makers in clean energy.

“We know there will be major opportunities for professionals as we decarbonize our economy and build out our clean energy sector,” says Higher Landing’s president, Jackie Rafter. “The CCES program will help Canadians understand these opportunities, connect with employers in the clean energy sector and make those life-changing career transitions into sustainable jobs.”

The program plans to serve 850 participants across the country by January 2024.

“Governments across the country are putting an emphasis on growing the clean energy sector. Private capital is doing the same,” Rafter adds. “There will be significant opportunities for Canadian professionals who set themselves up to take advantage of the jobs being created.”

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