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We finished the office!

Pssst.... Do you work from home and seek more office space? If you have yard space, I may have an idea for you.

(I'm not selling sheds now. Just super pleased with this development.)

I’ve been working at my kitchen table forever. It works with kids, even during COVID times when we had to reset the kitchen table eight times a day for its different uses.

Since COVID times the housing market went bonkers. We’re at the stage in our lives where typically people would scale up their living quarters, but seriously? Who has the time for that? Also the housing market did that bonkers thing…

So, I would say about 16 months ago, a new idea was conceived of. I am really not sure where it came from, but I had the crazy notion that we might finish a shed. We started out last spring by visiting every roadside shed builder in the area until we found one that was nice, not just rough pine, and which could be custom configured.

We went with Simcoe Shed because their product met those specifications. Here’s what it was supposed to look like, stock (minus flowerboxes and shutters):

Not Kate's office. (Picture source: Simcoe Shed.)

I wanted the office to have a front door and a backdoor for safety. (I’m neurotic. I think if people are sleeping in the space, there should be escape routes.) I also wanted things configured for desk space, not tool storage, hence the redesign of the front with the windows and the door placement.

Here’s what that saltbox shed looked like after our touches.

And here’s what it looks like today:

We love it. Does it add to the value of our home, I’ve yet to consult a realtor, but I’d wager no, probably not. At the end of the day, it’s just an insulated shed, right?

The enjoyment we get out of the thing is great though. For a price less than what someone would pay for a cheap camper trailer.

I’ll do a breakdown of costs soon.



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