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What’s it like to work with Kate?

Are you in the insurance industry? Is there anyone in particular you’d like to hear from? OR are you a C-Suite candidate and you seek evidence I’ve done this before? See below and get in touch!

What’s it like to work with Kate? There are quite a few people who could tell you.

1. I respect your time.

2. I come prepared and do my very best to make sure you’re prepared, as well.

The list of people I’ve talked to is crazy extensive (portfolio link at the bottom) and for almost every single one, I am thankful for their time and willingness to share.

Naming names

I honestly wasn’t sure if I was going to title this my CEO bingo card, or dance card 2022, but, seriously, check this out: The following is a list of some of the bigger names who’ve graciously permitted me to pick their brains. (2022 was a busy year.)

Hope you enjoy! Thanks for paying attention thusfar.


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So… you’ve done this before, right? I have. A few times.

Here are a few of those who’ve very generously given their time to me and the client I was representing. Note: No one listed here is a client; none of these are paid placement.

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Louis Gagnon, president and CEO, Foresters Purpose driven and good at insurance Louis Gagnon says in today’s climate, Foresters’ social mission will be a differentiator.

Insurance Journal, March 2023.

Denis Ricard, president and CEO, iA Financial Corporation

The view from iA Financial Group’s executive office Resilient business model, focus on the family market helps to propel sales. Firm must now deploy more than $2-billion in excess capital.

Insurance Journal, December 2022.

Naveed Irshad, president and CEO, Manulife Canada

Winning in Canada is a key focus for Manulife With most shareholders residing in Canada, Manulife places particular emphasis on improving the Canadian customer experience and growing earnings at home going forward.

Insurance Journal, December 2022.

Paul Bourque, president and CEO, Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC)

Insurance Portal, November 2022.

Andrew Ostro, co-founder and CEO, Policy Me

Business to consumer insurance provider expands operations Technology company and online insurer, PolicyMe, raises $18-million in funding for expansion into critical illness, employee benefits and affinity partnerships.

Insurance Journal, October 2022.

Phil Marsillo, president and CEO, IDC Worldsource Insurance Network (IDC WIN)

Future is bright for independent distribution in Canada President and now CEO of IDC WIN, Phil Marsillo, who led the firm through a “blistering” year in 2021, now has his sights set on the next five years. His focus includes regulatory change, recruitment, tuck-in acquisitions, product development and collaboration.

Insurance Journal, September 2022.

Danish Yusuf, founder and CEO, Zensurance

Zen and the art of insurance industry partnerships Online, omni-channel commercial business brokerage Zensurance would appear to be on a growth trajectory, launching products and hiring employees. It’s CEO, Danish Yusuf discusses the people and partnerships that got it here and the course it is on for the future.

Insurance Journal, June 2022.

Terri Botosan, regional president, HUB International

HUB International’s attention turns to the employee benefits space Terri Botosan, former CEO of HUB Financial Inc., has assumed responsibility for Canadian operations as HUB International’s regional president, employee benefits, retirement and life. Her mandate? Among others, to unite and grow the company’s acquired businesses in these areas.

Insurance Journal, April 2022.

Kevin Strain, president and CEO, Sun Life

Measuring clients’ financial security outcomes is key to delivering on Sun Life’s purpose Sun Life is relatively unique among its insurance industry peers in that nearly half of its income – 45 per cent at the end of 2020 – comes from asset management, says president and CEO, Kevin Strain.

Insurance Journal, February 2022.

Re: crazy extensive… Is none of the above quite what you were looking for? Looking for something else? My Authory page is an **un-curated** assemblage of things I’ve written about which isn’t covered by a client’s NDA.

Holy smokes, are you still here? (Me: BLUSHES.)

Any questions?

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